CRM Billing

Role: lead designer


This is an enterprise software for home care companies that we've designed for a large home health care company based in California, with branches across the United States and Canada. We have first met with this company because they hired recently hired a CTO and was looking for custom software that can handle a home care agency's daily operations and a flexible API for them to build additional features on top of. The software they've been using so far is provided by a third party based on the SaaS model. They are feeling the limitations of relying on someone else's software as they grow and compete in the very competitive home health care space.

The entire software is broken down into a few key components:

  • scheduling (link)
  • client management (link)
  • billing and payroll (this post)

The following is a set of design mockups that we've designed to help home care companies manage the billings and process payroll for its caregivers.

Clients with outstanding billing
Expand to see individual visits for each client
Review and finalize each visit
Switch to current invoices
Outstanding invoices
Current payroll for caregivers
Review details of each visit

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