On-Demand Hiring Homepage

Role: lead designer, front end development

After testing the hypothesis positive with early home care companies and caregivers, we began working on a landing page for the new on-demand hiring service. To determine what to say on the homepage, we have to first understand who our users are. We have two kinds of users in our new service - the home care companies and the caregivers. We charge home care companies each time they successfully hire a caregiver through us. On the other hand, it is free for caregivers as they are not a cohort with high disposable income and we don't have a good idea of how to monetize them yet. So we decided to "follow the money" and created the first version of the homepage based on a messaging catered towards the home care companies.

Version #1
Version #2

After 2 weeks of launching the new landing page, we realized that all real-time chat supports were about questions around "how much do you pay?", "do you place people in a nursing home", etc. In order words, they all come from caregivers looking for a new job. Then we realized that the reason for this case is because caregivers were landing on our site after seeing one of our Indeed postings, facebook or Google ads. Most of them were actively searching for new opportunities through those platforms. On the other hand, all of our business outreach was done through emails and phone calls, we create that personal relationship with the hiring manager at our target companies so they never needed to go on to our website to learn about what we do.

We took this feedback and relaunched a new version of the site where the language speaks directly to someone who is looking for a caregiving position. We track how many people have landed on our site and clicked on "GET STARTED" to fill out a Wufoo form that we use to capture their initial information, it works kind of like a lead gen. We convert a caregiver each time someone fills out the Wufoo form.

When we had home care company as a focus on the landing page, our Wufoo form conversion rate was 12% (1,166 unique visits) in October, and after we updated the landing page, conversion went up the 18% (1,447 unique visits) in November.

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